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What are the top 10 milestones in space technology and exploration this year?

1. Ingenuity’s historic flight on Mars: In April 2021, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter made the first-ever powered and controlled flight on another planet, demonstrating the feasibility of aerial exploration on Mars. 2. Perseverance Rover’s arrival on Mars: In February 2021, NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars, marking a major milestone [...]

What are the top 10 most anticipated tech products yet to be released worldwide this year?

1. iPhone 13: The latest iteration of Apple’s flagship smartphone is highly anticipated, expected to feature improvements in processing power, camera capabilities, and overall design. 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 21: The next installment in Samsung’s popular productivity-focused smartphone series, which is rumored to come with a stylus and advanced features. [...]