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What are the top 10 influential open-source projects this year?

The top 10 influential open-source projects this year may vary depending on individual perspectives and the field of interest. However, here are ten projects that have had significant impacts in the open-source community in recent times:

1. Kubernetes: A container orchestration platform that has revolutionized the way applications are deployed and managed.

2. TensorFlow: An open-source machine learning framework that has become the de facto standard in the field, powering numerous AI projects.

3. React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces, widely adopted by developers and utilized by major companies for web application development.

4. VS Code: A highly popular source code editor developed by Microsoft, extensible through a wide range of community-driven plugins.

5. Linux Kernel: As the core of the Linux operating system, it remains a fundamental open-source project that powers various devices, servers, and platforms.

6. Apache Kafka: A distributed streaming platform widely adopted for building real-time data pipelines or streaming applications.

7. WordPress: A content management system that has democratized website creation, powering millions of websites worldwide.

8. Docker: A powerful containerization platform that simplifies the packaging and deployment of applications, contributing to scalable and portable software development.

9. Git: A distributed version control system used by millions of developers worldwide for managing and collaborating on source code.

10. Ansible: An open-source automation tool that simplifies IT infrastructure management and application deployment across a wide range of systems.

While these projects are noteworthy, there are numerous other impactful open-source projects that continue to inspire innovation and collaboration in various domains.

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